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Written on the 31 January 2020



The ongoing situation of the Coronavirus is causing some concern for our customers in regards to how this will affect their supply chain.

The below is the information that we currently have regarding the situation:

- The Central Chinese Government has extended the New Year Holiday til the 3rd February.

- Some provincial governments are extending the return to work beyond this, til the 10th February.

- North China - Beijing / Tianjin / Dalian / Qingdao - will be returning to work on the 3rd February.

- Central China - Shanghai / Ningbo / Nanjing / Suzhou - will not return til the 10th February.

- Southern China - Xiamen / Shenzhen / Guangzhou / Zhongshan - will not return til the 10th February.

- Hong Kong & Taiwan have already returned to work.

- Our China agent, Infinity Cargo Logistics will start working as of the 3rd February. Central & Southern China will work from home until they are allowed to go back to their offices.

- It is expected that the extended closure of factories and warehouses in Central & Southern China, along with the absence of truckers and cargo handlers will result in supply chain disruptions.

- It would appear that there will be minimal effect on sea freight operations at the moment but obviously this is a fluid situation that could change quickly.

- Air freight capabilities will be affected if Australian airlines start to reduce services to/from China or the Australian Government applies an embargo on China flights. Other airlines such as the major USA carriers, British Air, Air Canada and Lufthansa have already cut services which has reduced "bellyhold" capacity on passenger flights.


We will continue to monitor the situation and update you as more information comes to hand. 


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