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Infrastructure Fees

Written on the 21 May 2018

Scorpion International would like to make all of our clients aware of a price increase which will affect both Import & Export containers to and from Australia.

All Ports/Terminals have announced a review of infrastructure fee's in 2017/2018.

These surcharges are implemented to recover a portion of the costs that relate to:

The capital investments already made on dedicated infrastructure that services landside interface operations.
Excess charges over CPI that relate to property and property related costs (including rent, land tax and council rates).
Maintenance and operational costs associated with providing landside interface operations.
The surcharges recover a portion of the full costs associated with providing these essential landside operations in order for the wharves to continue to provide customers with efficient landside service levels.

As of November 2017 for DP World and 12 March 2018 for Patrick's the following infrastructure fees will be applicable for each container that either enters or leaves the terminals.

Patrick's Infrastructure Fee Per Container

Sydney $45.00
Fremantle $15.00
Fisherman Islands $40.00
East Swanson Dock $50.00
DP World Infrastructure Fees Per Container

Sydney $42.00
Fremantle $15.00
Fisherman Islands $40.00
East Swanson Dock $50.00
It is a condition of entry for all transport companies that they accept these fees and unfortunately Scorpion has no alternative than to pass these fees on to continue normal operations.

Please contact us if you require any further information on these fees.


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