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Newcastle - First Australian port to attain sustainability certification

Written on the 17 February 2020

Newcastle - First Australian port to attain sustainability certification


Infrastructure Magazine has shared the exciting news that the Port of Newcastle is paving the way for port sustainability in Australia. 

"EcoPorts, the global standard for environmental sustainability in the ports sector, has officially certified an Australian port for the first time.

Port of Newcastle has become the first port in Australia or New Zealand to attain the certification.

EcoPorts certified Port of Newcastle under its Port Environmental Review System (PERS) following stringent independent tests by Lloyd's Register to measure the port against best practice management around the world.

Developed in 1997, EcoPorts remains the only Environmental Management Standard (EMS) specific to the global port sector that actively addresses and manages the complex environmental challenges ports face.

Port of Newcastle is now one of 115 ports around the world to have been certified under the program."

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