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Risk Season 2017-2018 Mandatory Treatment for Containerized goods from Italy

Written on the 20 May 2018

Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB) Risk Season 2017-2018 Mandatory Treatment for Containerized goods from Italy:

The department of Agriculture and Water Resources have advised of New Measures that are required for containerized goods from Italy as per industry advice.

Mandatory treatment of containerized goods from Italy between 17th January and 30th April 2018 will be required and cargo will need to undergo an approved treatment upon arrival onshore.

Goods already treated offshore with one of the approved BMSB treatments, and where a valid treatment certificate is presented to the departments, will not require further treatment.

Exceptions from treatment apply to goods that fall within one of the excluded tariff groups: fresh produce, including nursery stock and live plants, live animals, food for human consumption and seeds for sowing.

These increased measures only apply to goods shipped from Italy, and BMSB measures for goods from the USA or other countries have not been amended at this time.

Scorpion International would like to advise all our clients importing from Italy that their goods will be delayed by approximately one week or longer due to the treatments required prior to the cargo being cleared for delivery.

Due to the increased demand for the facilities of Quarantine Approved Unpack Depots there is at least a 3-day waiting time from the arrival of a container into the depot prior to fumigation taking place.

For further information on the 2017-18 measures, please click here:


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