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Space Ex China to Australia Update

Written on the 22 May 2018

Kindly be advised that space from China to Australia is getting tight towards the end of April and Early May due to the following reasons:
  • The Dense Fog in Shanghai in early April that caused closures of Terminals and disruptions to Port Operations and Ocean Carrier Services.
  • Collision of the vessel Beijing Bridge on the weekend of the 14th April.
  • Cargo Rush before China Holiday - Labor Day 29th April to May 1st
  • Selected Shipping Lines are loading empty containers as a priority back to Australia which is causing a reduced space allocation for bookings of full container cargo and also selected shipping lines are not accept Out of Gauge (OOG) cargo.

If you are expecting any urgent cargo during this time, please contact your Scorpion Representative so that we may ensure your goods sail as needed for your business.

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