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Posted on 15 December 2021

The Chinese New Year (CNY)of 2022 is fast approaching with provinces closing for this traditional festival from 31st January - 6th February. 

FCL Cargo from China: 

  • An increase in bookings prior to the CNY holiday will likely exacerbate the existing port congestion and space restrictions we are currently facing. 
  • All cargo that is able to secure a booking prior to CNY will be subject to "roll over" (transferred to a later departing vessel) at any time prior to the CNY holiday and this is likely to continue once the CNY holidays have ended whilst shipping lines deal with the backlogs. 
  • Due to increased demand, Asian ports are experiencing delays due to heavy port congestion. Ships are waiting in line significantly longer than normal, leading to vessels being days, and in many cases more than a week, behind their normal schedule. 

LCL Cargo from China:

  • The current LCL schedule before CNY is also facing high demand. The serious delays to the sailing schedule will continue to impact the availability for LCL cargo, as such we recommend booking cargo well in advance. 
  • LCL cargo rates have increased significantly per cbm for sailings from China due to a major increase in container freight costs. 

China Customs During the CNY Period: 

Generally, China Customs arrange skeleton staff to be on duty, or half day duty, during CNY at the major seaports. Therefore, customs will be operating at a lower efficiency due to less working staff and decreased operating hours. We suggest the following to ensure your cargo does not face unnecessary delays:

  • All shipments must be handled/completed customs clearance before the CNY. 
  • The full set of correct customs clearance documents must be provided to our overseas agents prior to the holidays so that documents can be checked in order to avoid any problems such as wrong HS code etc as shippers, if required, will not be able to review the documents during the CNY.

Local Trucking Services:

  • Trucking is likely to stop one week prior to the beginning of the CNY holiday as workers return to their hometowns. 
  • The appointment of truckers will be very challenging leading up to CNY. We would recommend requesting bookings well in advance - at least 14-21 days (FCL) & 5-14 days (LCL).
  • As is the case every year, there unfortunately will be increases in the trucking costs prior to and during the CNY. 
  • Once trucking services are confirmed, there also will be additional charges in case of any cancellations, time changes or any service changes. 

Please do not hesitate to contact your SCORPION INTERNATIONAL representative to discuss any of the above. 



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